An Introduction to Tips and Advice for Growing Thin/Fine Hair Long

Yes indeed, if you have thin fine hair it can and will definitely grow! The most exciting part is not just that thin hair can grow, but it can grow long and healthy. I am an African American Female who’s had fine thin hair her whole life. I am living proof that thin fine hair can grow! I’ve been able to grow my fine strands from neck length to armpit length. Yep, I never ever thought that my thin hair could grow long and be healthy. I started my healthy thin hair care journey in 2005 when I became frustrated with my hair. I could never figure out why my fine thin hair would never grow past neck length. I was under the impression that if my fine tresses grew longer than neck length, that it would be limp and lifeless. After some research and being an active member on a couple of sites geared towards long hair care, I found out that it wasn’t true at all.

I began to start putting some of the things I learned into practice. I figured out early on what was needed for growing long hair. To name a few, I had to have healthy hair care practices, find the right hair care products for my hair, and incorporate hair styles that are beneficial to thin hair while retaining length. In addition, I had to be committed to putting in the time for properly caring for my hair. No one knows my hair better than I do, so I shouldn’t rely solely on a hair stylist for keeping my hair healthy. I am the only one responsible for caring for my hair.

The journey to healthy hair care is a lifestyle and this site will provide you with tools and tips needed to grow your thin hair long and healthy. Perhaps for years you’ve believed that you can’t grow long hair, or are experiencing breakage when your thin hair grows to a certain point, or you can’t find the hair care products that complement your thin hair. This site is for you! If you already have long hair, no problem this site is for you as well. In this site you will find the proper ways for retaining your long hair and keeping it healthy. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with all who visit this site! Thanks for visiting!