Losing hair is probably one of the most devastating problems a woman has to face. If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, I’m certain that you’ve spent countless hours resarching hair loss treatments and other options for hair restoration for women.

Here a few options that are available:

1.) Hair restoration products such as Rogaine and Propecia. Although studies have shown these products to be helpful, studies have also shown that continued use is necessary in order to see results. When you stop using these products, the hair loss will continue.

2.) Medical hair restoration – this option includes surgical hair replacements, scalp reduction, scalp expansion, hair grafting, etc. This hair loss treatment option can be very costly and could also result in painful side effects.

3.) Hormonal treatments – common in women suffering with hair loss. Consult with your doctor and conduct extensive research before choosing this option.

4.) Natural hair loss remedies – herbal hair loss restoration treatments are less costly and provides less risk to your overall health.